Takin’ It Home


VBS 2014 Takin' It Home CD Customized “So, what did you learn at VBS today?” We all want to see parents and kids connecting with each other on a deeper level than this simple question. In most cases, the conversation is over before the car pulls into the driveway. It has to go deeper! That’s why we created the Takin’ It Home CD. This tool will help families to start connecting deeply and begin their spiritual journey together, and allow your church to become part of the process.

How it works:

Each day when kids leave your VBS, place the Takin’ It Home CD in their hands. Purposefully instruct them to play it as soon as they get in the car. This CD is designed as an immediate follow-up of what kids just heard in the VBS session. It helps engage families in spiritual conversations and it can draw families into your church.

What’s on the CD?

The Takin’ It Home CD has a cool kids radio feel. You’ll feel like the hosts are in the car with you. Everyone will play a car game and listen to a little music. Then, the hosts present a warm-up question that primes discussion for what is to follow. The final question is the down-to-heart follow-up to the content of the day. Each audio track builds on the next. The final track culminates in the opportunity for families to pray together. Many families may be doing this together for the first time!

The bottom line:

If you train your VBS leaders and emphasize the value of this CD, life-changing conversations will take place between kids and their parents. These conversations might not only set kids on their path with God, but engage the entire family in that process.

We believe so strongly in the concept behind the Takin’ It Home CD that we’ve included one in every VBS 2014 Jump Start Kit. You may reproduce as many as you need, or you may order the number of CDs you need. What’s more, we can actually customize the CDs so they sound like a gift produced by your church! Can you imagine how compelled those families will be to return the following weekend?

The Takin’ It Home CD is a continuation of the life of the church into the life of the family.

Only $14.99 for a package of 10 CDs.


Create Takin’ It Home CDs with your church name and personalized message!

Order a personalized master disc of the Takin’ It Home CD for $199.99. Your church’s name will be inserted into the content, and you may include a personalized message (up to 75 words) from your church! Price includes one master disc and you may make as many copies as you like for distribution during VBS 2014. Customized CDs must be ordered by April 15, 2014.

Download the customized template.
Download the customizable faceplate.

Download the Takin’ It Home audio files for free!

Preview the music below:

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