Missions: Martha Moore started a college ministry called Connexxions. A student named Abraham came to Connexxions to learn more about Jesus.


  • Secret Compartment Camera
  • Hidden Message Lamp
  • ID Badge Holder

Music: "God’s Son"

Liam and his parents had to be ready to do what God wanted them to do when they moved to Ontario, Canada.


Missions: Alli talks to Abraham to discover what he learned about Jesus. A student named Yasmain answered Abraham’s questions about God and Jesus.


  • Secret Agent Desk Caddy
  • Agency D3 Note Holder
  • Evidence Log

Music: "More than Just a Good Man"

Liam’s parents began going to a church that Jeff Christopherson started in Toronto.


Missions: Abraham tells about when he became a Christian. Now he meets with people who have questions about Jesus.


  • Desk Plate Magnifier
  • Pinch Pot Chalice
  • Magnetic Disguise Kit

Music: "We Stand Forgiven"

Liam’s parents wanted to use their gifts in music to help lead a new church in Milton.


Missions: Martha shares how God is using Abraham to lead Connexxion groups in Spain. He uses his talents to tell people about Jesus.


  • Critical Information File Cabinet
  • Empty Tomb Scope
  • Undercover Watch

Music: "He Is Alive"

Liam tells how his family took him to a hospital in Hamilton when he was sick. They noticed there were no churches there and felt God telling them to start a church in Hamilton.


Missions: Abraham works hard telling other people about Jesus. He is using all the evidence he has gathered to help others learn about Jesus.


  • Coded Ichthus Keychain
  • Agent in Disguise
  • Agent Communicator

Music: "He Is King"

The McGibbon family uses what they know about Jesus to start house churches in Hamilton.


Over 30 Rec activities found on the Recreation Rotation Leader Cards.

Bible Content Activities:

  • Follow the Footprints
  • I-Spy
  • Fact Check
  • Truth Detector
  • Interrogation

Grades 1–2:

  • Who Is the Mole?
  • Target Practice
  • Double Agent Freeze Tag
  • Special Agent Disguise
  • Debugging the Room
  • Security Clearance (Level 1)

Grades 3–4:

  • Securing Evidence
  • Secret Handshake
  • Clue Collector Relay
  • High Speed Chase
  • Get the Scoop
  • Security Clearance (Level 2)

Preteen VBX:

  • Messy Games: Lost and Found, Dusting for Prints, Disguise It
  • Wet Games: Car Chase, Underwater Agent, Cold Case
  • Basic Training Games: Footprint Circle, Person of Interest, Secret Signal
  • Team Building Games: Case to Stand On, Toxic Spill, Security Clearance (Level 3)
  • Glow in the Dark Games: Tagged Evidence, Capture the Clue, Missing Detective


  • Kid Step Snacks
  • Special Agent Open Face Sandwiches
  • Sushi in Disguise
  • Glowing Bagel Compasses
  • Cold Case Slushies
  • Disguise on a Stick
  • Stake Out Kabobs
  • Undercover Tacos
  • Top Secret Toast
  • Fruity Laser Beams

Leader Prep Snacks

  • Ultraviolet Fizzes
  • Stuffed File Folder Pies
  • Hot on the Trail Mix
  • Classified Operatives
  • I Spy Cupcakes
  • Secret Message Cups
  • Thumbprint Cookies
  • Covert Mini-poppers