What to Save for Crafts in 2015

carol_editedIt's that time of year again, you've finished VBS 2014 and may be wondering why think about VBS 2015. Because it's never too early to start saving supplies and get a head start. With that in mind I am going to give you a top ten list of items to start saving:




  1. Burlap
  2. Dowel rods
  3. Old crayons (ones that the paper can be peeled from)
  4. Smooth river rocks
  5. Small candy tins with lids
  6. 5x7 frame mats
  7. Pencil cap erasers
  8. Ribbon, twine, or raffia
  9. Dried flowers or leaves
  10. Wooden beads


  1. Miss Becky says

    i do low cost, easy to assemble decorations.
    working at a thrift shop gives me lots of access to odds and ends that seem useless but can be transformed into VBS decorations. (this worked out awesome for D3.) What do the creative minds at Lifeway say i should be keeping a lookout for?

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