VBS 2015 Decorating Sneak Peek

thomasWho's ready for a little sneak peek at some decorating ideas for NEXT summer's VBS? Now, I know many people are not yet finished with Agency D3. I'm not trying to steal the thunder of this summer's adventure to discover, decide, and defend… but I do want to give you a little taste of things to come. Hopefully you'll get some ideas over the next few weeks of things to start watching for that might help you with next year's adventure on your own Journey Off the Map.

Here's a look at "Survival Springs," the location for snacks. Kids will love sitting on giant lily pads in this serene setting.

photo 1

Watch for vinyl, flannel-backed tablecloths to go on clearance at the end of the summer. The round ones make GREAT lily pads! Who wouldn't want to float along on a giant lily pad while eating a delicious VBS snack?!?!

photo 2


  1. Bonnie says

    This looks great! What will the theme be for the Craft station? It would be wonderful to have such a headstart collecting stuff for decorating. thank you!

  2. Jackie says

    Can you share the name of the mission room? I am also wanting to get a jump start on planning.
    Thank you!!

  3. Joyce Grimes says

    Could you include the total cost of the decorations? It's nice to know when deciding a budget for next year. Thanks, it's beautiful!

    • says

      The rocks are made from 2" thick styrofoam. The foam comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. The rocks can be cut out using a variety of different tools, from a jigsaw, to a electric knife, to a heat knife. The edges are roughed up a little or heated up to make it look more like a rock. Then they are painted. The scraps are used for the smaller rocks. They can be glued together using gorilla glue or caulk (I would use gorilla glue) or held together by screws from the backside.

  4. Tammy Bearden says

    Wow, it is so amazing the ideas you guys come up with. I am just getting started with D3 and 2015 vbs is already stating to come to life. Amazing work you all do.

    • Melita Thomas says

      All we did was cut paper into petal shapes, dip them in liquid starch, then shape them over a bowl, and let dry overnight. Form one set using a large or medium bowl and another set using a smaller bowl. Place the smaller inside the larger and hot glue if desired. We also painted the petals with white paint and brushed a pale pink on the points. This makes the paper a little more rigid (and thus more durable), but is a totally optional step. Finally, we were able to find some neon orange twist ties at the hardware store that worked perfectly for stamen in the center of the flower.

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