Friday Giveaway!

It's Friday and time for another giveaway! We know we're in the middle of VBS season, and we hope everyone is having a successful VBS! Here's a look at the prize! Just enter for a chance at winning!

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  1. Jennifer Lewis says

    Favorite part of VBS is getting the new theme and figuring out how to decorate so that the kids are in awe!

  2. Rachel says

    My favorite part of VBS is seeing children saved! Even if one is saved or one family is reached, it is all worth it!

  3. Karen2757 says

    My favorite part of VBS is helping to create an enjoyable, memorable, and amazing experience for all to learn about God!! Too cool!!! : D

  4. Bradley Bright says

    My favorite part of VBS is when the kids decide to turn there lives over to Jesus!!!! Next Favorite part is the wonderful music and all the kids smiling faces!!!!! I JUST LOVE VBS!!!!!

  5. Pamela says

    The best part of bible school to me is seeing and hearing from the children something they learned in VBS! I have 3 and 4 year olds to teach and it is amazing what their capacity for learning is and how much they retain.


    My favorite part about VBS is decorating, doing arts/crafts, the games and teaching the children about the Lord. I also love each new themes.

  7. Marian Phillips says

    My favorite part of VBS is seeing the kids' faces when they discover a new truth found on God's word!

  8. D.R. says

    My favorite part of VBS is the rotations... such a fun way to incorporate Bible teachings outside of the normal classroom, direct instruction setting.

  9. Joy says

    My favorite part of VBS is watching the faces of kids who learn about Jesus for the first time. It's like a light that comes on inside their heart. Once you've seen it, you never forget it and you want to see it again and again.

  10. Rebecca J says

    My favorite part is the worship rally. I love seeing all the kids dancing and singing the VBS songs!

  11. Amanda says

    My favorite part of VBS is seeing how excited the kids are and listening to how much they have learned about Jesus! I also love the games, crafts, music, and snacks! I just love VBS! Kid @ heart :)

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