Make Your VBS Week Enjoyable

20140114-075705.jpgWhile those of us who consider ourselves VBS Groupies - and that most likely includes you - can't imagine more fun than VBS, we have to admit the week can be stressful. I have discovered there are ways to reduce the stress and insure the week is more enjoyable.


1. Plan lessons and gather supplies in advance.
2. Create simple menus, shop, and prepare meals and snacks as much as possible in advance.
3. Pick out clothes for you and the kids the night before. Creating a theme-related uniform and wearing it every day makes the "what to wear" decision a breeze.
4. Don’t over schedule other activities during the week. Build in time for physical rest for both you and the family.
5. Don’t allow yourself or those around you to grumble and complain if everything doesn’t go exactly as planned.
6. Above all, laugh often! Find humor in situations that would normally cause stress.
We would love to hear how you make your VBS week more enjoyable.
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  1. says

    Thanks for the great tips! I wore my vbs shirt everyday during the week except for one and then it was my director's shirt. One of my kids actually ask me where my shirt was on the day I didn't wear it!! Even though it's just me at the house to get ready every morning, it still helps to have a plan for the week!

  2. Dawn says

    I created a Wall of Hope for my teachers this year. It is day 3 of our VBS & the stress level begins to peak on this day. So, I made a poster with 1 Peter 3:15 written on it. Then I asked teachers to write a quick note to show how they have experienced hope this week. It seemed to make everyone appreciate things more and brought us back to the purpose we are there.

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