The Journey of a Lifetime

LifeWay's Journey Off the Map VBS will truly be the journey of a lifetime! Each location is filled with dramatic sights and amazing color. We have combed the Globe in search of God's most amazing creations and have found some extremely unique plants and rock formations which have been incorporated into the theme to create the most amazing rotation sites ever. Plus, what kid would love the adventure of living and learning in a treehouse? Here is a quick peek at what you will discover on this journey of a lifetime.

Tangled Branch Tree House (Bible Study)


Shady Grove (Crafts)


Boulder Bridge (Missions)


Rushing Waters (Music)


Rappelling Ravine (Recreation)


Survival Springs (Snacks)





  1. Angela says

    I ask that you make the pictures of each of the rotation sites available as backdrops. It would be really handy for those of us that are a little "artistically challenged".

  2. Denise Blankschen says

    I see all the areas with the exception of worship rally. What is that going to be called?

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Worship Rally will be held at The Overlook. We'll release photos of each set in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

    • Jerry Wooley says

      Definitely. There is a drama video segment for each day as well as a full musical with drama script. There is also a two person/two puppet/person and puppet script for the conclusion of each day.

  3. Lindsay says

    Where can we get these 6 images in jpg? I've bought the kit, but these are not on the clip art section of the CD?

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