6 Ways to Use Backyard Kids Club This Summer

bethanyOne of my favorite things about working on the VBS team is hearing about how people adjust VBS curriculum to meet the specific needs of their church and community. From different schedule combinations to innovative  solutions to decorating challenges, you guys are so creative and forward thinking! I'm always amazed by what you do.

Maybe because it's already such a flexible curriculum, some of the most exciting innovations I've heard about this year come from churches using the Backyard Kids Club curriculum. In no particular order, here are a few favorites I've heard about recently, many of which will be happening this summer.

1. BKC curriculum used once a week with adult special needs students during a regular meeting time they already have at the church.

2. Using BKC Bible study folders on Wednesday nights with the regular church kids to make sure they don't miss the content (at a church that exclusively does BKCs in local neighborhoods and has no regular VBS.)

3. Teachers doing BKC in a neighborhood where many of their students live in hopes that they can eventually grow it large enough to use the school building for BKC, making it a central feature of their children's summer.

4. An Agency D3 themed bash for special needs kids.

5. Using BKC in homes, parks, and schools across the city to reach friends and neighbors who might not normally be comfortable in church, but are happy to have something fun for their kids to do on those boring summer mornings or evenings.

6. Taking the compact BKC Kit on a mission trip in a nearby community, or around the world.

Those are just a few ideas. I know there are many other ways to use Backyard Kids Club curriculum! Are you using BKC this summer? Comment to let us know how you'll be doing it. If you're not, be in prayer for those who are, as well as all those preparing to do VBS across the country in just a few weeks! We're praying for you here at LifeWay. You're our heroes!

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