Six Steps for VBS Workers

candace-1If you are new to teaching VBS or if it's old hat to you, there are six things each worker needs to do to make VBS a success!

  1. Prepare Your Heart. Read the daily Scripture passages and pray for the kids you will teach. Also ask someone to be in prayer for you as you teach children about Jesus.
  2. Get the Basic Facts From Your VBS Director. Find out how long each rotation is everyday so that you know how long you have to prepare for. Also ask how many kids are expected so that you know the number to prepare for.
  3. Plan. Make sure that you have the materials you need in plenty of time to plan each session you are going to teach. Make a list of supplies you will need.
  4. Gather and Prepare. Gather all the supplies needed for VBS. If you have pack or CD items, go ahead and assemble them and print them out.
  5. Teach. Relax and enjoy the chance to build relationships with your kids. Be flexible and adjust your plans to make this the best experience possible for you and your kids.
  6. Continue the Connection. Make sure you have correct contact information for each child in your class. Keep the connection alive by looking for ways to stay connected to the kids you taught.


  1. Linda Frauli says

    Thanks for the tips on teaching the class. This will be the first year I will be teaching 3rd & 4th graders. Any tips to make the games fun?
    I am not good at games!

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