Five Reasons we Decorate

maryWhy do we spend time decorating for VBS? It takes a lot of effort and even some money to decorate. So why do we do that? Well, here are 5 reasons to decorate your space for VBS.
1. Decorations get kids excited about the week.
2. Decorations help kids feel that they have been prepared for and that the church is excited that they are there.
3. Decoration can remove distractions by creating one single environment or feel for the room. Decorations also can hide those things that kids might be drawn to like a chalkboard for them to write on or other items for them to play with instead of listening.
4. Decorating helps teachers be fully invested. It makes their classroom their own instead of it feeling like someone else’s Sunday School room.
5. Decorations take church kids out of the norm that they experience at church and beg kids to have a new experience with diving deeper with Jesus.

Even if you decorate with only a poster, help kids feel planned for and excited about VBS. Decorations aren’t the point of VBS. Keep the main point of Jesus the main point. Use decorations to drive excitement and remove distractions for your kids!


  1. June Griffin says

    I have been making child sized quilts with the VBS themes for about 12 years now...There is a drawing for the quilts at the parents program. This year I can't seem to find ideas to use. And suggestions?

    • marycarlisle says

      Hi June! That is a fun idea! I'd love to see some pictures of the quilts. You might include things like a fingerprint pattern, a briefcase, or agent sunglasses on the quilt. Also, colors like black, white, yellow, and red work well with this theme. Take a look around Pinterest by searching Agency D3 VBS and that might give you some help as well.

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