VBS Geek of the Week Cande Ackler

vbsgeekoftheweek2This week's VBS Geek of the Week is Cande Ackler. She was nominated by her good friend, Eunice Pond! She is from First Baptist Church of Orangevale in Orangevale, California.

  1. What is your role in VBS?
  • California State Team, Children’s Consultant
  • Associational Team Clinic Leader
  • VBS Director for First Baptist Church of Orangevale for 13 of the past 14 years.
  1. What was your "geekiest" moment? It could have been riding my stick horse across the stage during Sunday Morning services while wearing cowboy boots and a Saddle Ridge Ranch hat; or even trying to keep up with Jeff Slaughter dancing through the Tumbleweed Song!
  2. What has been your favorite VBS theme? So hard to choose!  Probably Outrigger Island . . . O-I-O-I, O-I-O-I, Oh I love God’s Unshakeable Truth!
  3. You might be a VBS geek if . . . You have more than ten year’s collection of VBS Leader shirts, hats, pencils, and are still wondering why LifeWay no longer has scrapbook papers for all of the VBS themes. You find yourself working on a VBS Float in your back yard for the community parade year after year!
  4. What makes you keep doing VBS? VBS is a blessing that keeps on giving.  The children who were saved during VBS, or have attended all the years until they were old enough to be helpers, then teachers, bless my heart every year.  I have seen brand new teachers who were so nervous about teaching become master teachers and VBS Clinic leaders.  Occasionally I decide that at my age it’s time to “retire” from VBS . . . then I think . . . No way, I’m here to stay!

Colossal Coaster World float

Game Day Central

Outrigger Island

Saddleback Ranch float









  1. linda says

    Awe. that is such an honor . congratulations on being geek of the week.VBS..I remember always going to VBS Every year when growing up and loved every minute of it.

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