Share Your VBS Secrets!


It’s no secret that we love VBS. One of our favorite parts is seeing how you take the theme each year and make it uniquely your own.  There is so much creativity in the VBS community!

Personally, some of my best ideas are inspired by others’ work.  Sometimes I just need to see someone else’s project before I think, “Hey, I can do that!”  So, to open the lines of communication we’ve created a few places where you can share your VBS secrets and creations, and pick up a few new ideas.

First, when looking for inspiration, who doesn’t love Pinterest?  Be sure to check out our Agency D3 Pinterest page for fun decorating and craft ideas.

Next, is an application called Idea Share.  You’ll see the link to it at the top of the VBS Facebook page.  This is a place where you can upload your own photos and share the projects you’ve been working on.  There is also an option in Idea Share to open a discussion related to an image.

Lastly, the VBS Facebook page is a great place share tips or ask questions.  You can post your tips directly to our wall and start a conversation with other VBS directors and leaders. If you have a question, post it there too and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

VBS is better when we work together, don’t you think? Me too.  Now, let’s share those secrets!


  1. Ellen Tolley says

    Where can I go, if I am not on nor do I want to be on Facebook, to see entries about decorating, etc like the Idea Bank was


    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Ellen, We'll continue to post about decorations on the blog. Pinterest is also a great option for ideas and how-to's.

  2. Alice says

    I know this is about secrets and clues...but I can't find where you've hidden the volunteer registration forms??
    Help please....

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Alice, You can find the forms in the Administrative Guide for Directors & on the CD-ROM in the Admin Guide. There are also registration forms available through KidEvent Pro. Thanks!

  3. joyce joseph says

    I always write skits for each night that reinforce the bible story. I have done this for years and they seem to be very effective and add excitement. We decorate the sanctuary according to the theme and act out the skits there. This year we have an explorer who is on the journey of a lifetime IN SEARCH OF THE ETERNAL TREASURE.....The explorer meets people each night who will help him to discover it. I will be glad to share my skits with anyone who will use them to help tell the kids about Jesus. Just let me know.

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