Three Steps to Finding Your Serving Niche

So you keep hearing about your church's VBS and how much fun it is and how many kids it's touched, and you've been feeling God tugging on your heart to serve.

Now what?

When I got started with VBS, I had very little experience and I was a nervous wreck!

If you're there, or know someone who's there, don't worry! You've got the calling, and that's the most important part.

But how do you figure out where to serve?

1. Think about your skills. What do you do well? Get compliments on?

2. What ignites your passion, makes you feel alive and excited?

3. What are your church's needs? You can ask your pastor or your VBS director about this one. They'll probably have some quick answers for you!

Maybe you're not especially comfortable with kids or being the center of attention, but you have a gift in the kitchen. Take a look at the snacks area of VBS. Maybe you prefer the background and are good with a hammer. Set design and decorating may be for you. Maybe your gifts are towards explaining how to do things and put things together. Crafts has some great potential. Or maybe you're a gifted teacher and lead kids well. Don't be afraid to step into a Bible study leader role!

In the past I've seen God bring these three aspects of calling together many times and I pray He does that for you as well. Most of all, ask Him where He would have you serve this summer and then do not hesitate to go there straight away!

If you are a Director, please feel free to share this blog with potential volunteer recruits as they try to decide where might be the best fit for them.

How have you seen God guide you into His will using your gifts and passions? Please share with us in the comments!


  1. Marsha ashcraft says

    Would be willing to help. Love working with kids and have some experience with crafts. Have not worked with VBS in ages but have good memories. Have let work stop me from doing more but want to begin helping my church in any way I can

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