Agency D3 Clip Art


Planning for VBS 2014 is in full swing and we have had several requests for clip art. Well rest assured, we have you covered!  To make things a little easier, I’ve listed all of our clip art options and where you can find them below.

Free downloadable clip art can be found on our VBS website under Downloads & Updates.  Or click here.

If you purchased a Jump Start Kit or the Decorating Made Easy book, you’ll find a CD-ROM full of additional clip art and decorating tips.

Lastly, if you have a 2014 VBS Catalog, you have access to some super secret, super special clip art. Now this is going to take a little work on your part, but it’s fun work!  Each catalog includes an official Agency D3 Decoder.  Use your decoder to find hidden letters throughout the catalog.  Once you’ve found all the letters and compiled a complete phrase head over to our Facebook page. Click the “Clip Art” tab at the top of the page and enter your secret code.  If it’s correct, you’ll be granted access to some exclusive downloads!

Happy planning!


  1. jeremy gray says

    Hi LifeWay VBS folks!

    Was just viewing/downloading various clipart & noticed that under the "Equipment" section the links for File Folder #4 are just links to the File Folder #3 zip files. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!


  2. andrea howey says

    I can't use any of the clip art it is all zip files. I can download them but I can't copy and use them. I am excited about getting started on VBS but I really need clip art!

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Andrea,

      The clip art on our site is free. Once you download and unzip the file, they're yours! No need to copy them.


  3. Denise Smith says

    How do I access the clipart on facebook? I entered missionimpostabear but nothing. I need information and this is to complicated and frustrating. Also my CD in my admin guide will not print certain pdf files. Who should I contact about this issue? Mission Need Help...

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Denise,

      To access the clip art on our Facebook page, you need to click the "clip art" icon at the top of the page. You'll then be allowed to enter your code and receive the free downloads. Regarding the issue you are having with the CD, please email me directly at and I'll see what we can do to help!


  4. Aaron Horner says

    Hey Lifeway team,
    I'm gearing up for my church's vbs and was wondering if you had any art files for the blue backdrops used any all of the sample rotation rooms. Thanks!

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