Random Tip 1407 - Do the Math

20140114-075705.jpgAs with most things as big as VBS there are many components and individual pieces of the puzzle. This is definitely true with the resources LifeWay creates for teaching every age from babies to older adults.

Pre-packaged kits such as Super Samplers or LifeWay's new Jump Start Kit and Starter Kits are a fantastic way to get started - providing you are going to use all of the pieces. If you will be using all the resources contained in the kits you are most likely saving a few dollars (about $12.00 for the Kids Starter Kit) and you are definitely enjoying the convenience of someone else collecting all the needed resources and making them available in one container.

However, if you are not using all the resources you are wasting money - sometimes big money that outweighs any potential savings of dollars or convenience.

Teaching resources (including worship rally guides, CDs and DVDs) are always sold independently from the kits and is often a more economical way to purchase. For example, if you are only offering VBS for kindergarten then it is much better to only purchase the Kindergarten Leader Pack, Leader Guide, and the Preschool Rotation resources. You will save approximately $50 that I am sure you can find another use for.

Before heading to the store or ordering online, do the math! Your church finance guy (or gal) will thank you for it.

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