Random Tip 1406 - Create a Plan Before the Emergency

20140105-190812.jpg You may have noticed my photo looks a little different today. That is because I am FROZEN!!!

In case you are not aware, Nashville experienced a temperature drop of 50 degrees in 12 hours. While this might not be an unusual experience for you, it definitely was for this boy from Houston, Texas! To be honest I had no idea how to prepare my house, car or mind. I'm sure I am giving you Northerners a good laugh with my lack of preparedness.

In Houston the threat of a hurricane was real, but could typically be managed with a stock of supplies, a generator, and an emergency evacuation plan. I was prepared. I still have a hurricane supply box in the garage even though the threat of a tidal wave is not likely in Nashville.

What does all of this talk of weather have to do with Bible School? Glad you asked. Just like unexpected weather situations, a week of VBS is an emergency just waiting to happen. You may not experience tidal waves or plunging temperatures, but extreme heat or a sudden down pour can scrambled even the best orchestrated plans.

Make emergency planning part of your VBS planning and training. Know in advance what you will do if rain makes it impossible to have recreation on the front lawn, a fire alarm sends everyone running, or an injury requires immediate medical attention. What will you do if the air conditioner chooses the week of VBS to take a vacation, or a worker becomes ill and is unable to finish the week.

Another potential emergency lets us end on a brighter note - more kids than expected. I once had 60 teenagers show up on the first day for Youth VBS when we only expected 10. Talk about an emergency!

The definition of emergency is an unexpected situation that becomes top priority and requires immediate attention. With a plan in place emergencies become expected and manageable.

Something I always thought a little funny - the years we enlisted a nurse as a member of the VBS team her skills were never needed. The years we didn't have a nurse we needed one every day.

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