Reset Friday

maryAs you reset for another year and wind down after all the holiday crazy of planning meals, gifts, and decorating, I hope you have a chance to sit back with a cup of coffee and your Bible and just rest in Him.
I pray that you get a little bit of silence in your day today, even as you are probably back at work, back to getting kids to school and to activities, and running around handling all kinds of situations.

It may be three days into the new year, but there's never a bad time to reset and rest in the Lord for even just a few minutes. You are probably already thinking about all the teachers who you will need for VBS or Sunday School, all the decorations and planning you need to do for all your summer events, and all the preparation that you wish you had already done for things that are coming up. So, I hear-by declare all following Fridays as the day to reset. Put it on your calendar and put all those things aside for a few minutes and really get some quiet time to reset in the craziness of our lives.

Here are a few ways to take time out to reset throughout the coming months:

1. Set goals, but don't let those goals rely on your ability to manage every moment of your time, get more done than is really even feasible, and create way more stress than they create inspiration.

2. Carve out some "me" time each week. If that means getting up an hour before everyone in your family once a week, hiring a babysitter once a month so you can head out to your favorite coffee shop, or spending an extra afternoon hanging out with a good friend, make the time and the arrangements to get a little time that you get to decide what you do.

3. Simplify. It's ok to say no sometimes. Use the time you already have wisely by spending time with the Lord while you shower or drive, and so forth. In our world of crazy busy schedules and applause for doing more, free yourself us to remember that less really is more.

How do you reset? How are you planning for time to reset throughout 2014? What goals have you set that will help with this?

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