On the Tenth Day of Christmas

brown2On the tenth day of Christmas, I'm sharing another great recipe—all the way from my sweet Aunt Betty in White Water, Missouri! Aunt Betty's Cranberry Relish. I've shared this recipe with friends here in Tennessee and they love it. So if you don't like that canned log of cranberry jell, sliced up and plopped on a plate, but love that little cranberry kick with your Christmas turkey, give this zesty treat a try!

Aunt Betty's Cranberry Relish

2 cups raw cranberries (ground)
1 apple (unpeeled and ground)
1 orange (unpeeled and ground)
2 cups sugar
1 cup pecans (chopped)
2 packages Lemon Jello
1 cup boiling water
1. Combine cranberry, apple, and orange with sugar and let stand (juice and all).
2. Dissolve Jello (in boiling water) letting it chill till partly set.
3. Add all the other ingredients together and stir.
4. Chill until firm.
5. Give it all another good stir before serving.

So there you have it! Christmas dinner at our house wouldn't be complete without Aunt Betty's Cranberry Relish on the table.

From my family to yours, have a great Cranberry Christmas!

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