On the Sixth Day of Christmas. . .

carol_editedCalamity came to visit. Well, at least my house anyway. Remember back on the First Day of Christmas when Bethany said some calamitous stories? Yeah, she was foreshadowing the Sixth Day of Christmas for you. My family's holiday tradition is for someone to visit the ER. Yep, that's right it's not a holiday if the Tomlinson's or someone closely related has not been to the ER. It all started with my son's first Christmas 14 years ago and has pretty much carried on since then. So for this Sixth Day of Christmas, I share our top 6 Holiday Calamities.

1. Take my one month old son to the ER on Christmas morning leaving my daughter and husband to open gifts without us.

2. On my son's first birthday, take him to have tubes put in his ears. It was all good by evening in time for his party.

3. New Year's day, daughter falls while running on the outside of the trampoline (yes, we had a net) and ends up with 36 stitches in her leg. We thought we were going to make through the holidays with no ER visits. Oh, well, why break tradition?

4. Memorial day, I break a bone in my foot stepping off the stairs on our deck.

5. Two years later break the same bone in the other foot two days before Christmas. This time I stepped on a Nerf gun left at the bottom of the garage steps. (Thanks, son!)

6. Take my husband to the ER Christmas day with chest pains, turns out he just had reflux. Probably too much turkey.

That's just the highlights of our calamitous holidays. But through it all we end up being closer to one another and have many opportunities to praise the Lord for His healing and provision. We even have a laugh or two albeit a little down the road. So no matter where the holidays find you, be of good cheer and count your blessings no matter the circumstance.

I hope you all have a safe, healthy, and blessed Christmas this year!

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