On the Third Day of Christmas

candace-1On the third day of Christmas I am going to talk about my favorite Christmas gift! I can only remember throwing a tantrum in a store once in my life, and it was because I fell in love with a doll and my parents would not get it for  me. I was traumatized, and my parents were just ready to get out of the store! Well, then came Christmas and what did I find under the tree? That very doll that I cried and cried over! She became my very favorite doll for many years. I loved that she looked like a real baby and she laughed when you would shake her. I named her Elizabeth because that has always been my favorite girl name. I played with her for many years. I do still have her, but she no longer laughs like she used to. That's what happens when a toy has been loved on for so long! Here's a picture of me and my sister on Christmas morning, me with Elizabeth and her with a monkey!



What's your favorite Christmas gift you've ever received? Comment below!

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