6 Additional Reasons to Attend VBS 2014 Preview

wooley1 2013Now that CyberMonday is behind us, and before the extreme crush of Christmas begins, we can take a moment to once again think about our favorite subject - VBS! Or better said, VBS Preview!

Chances are, if you are reading this post, you have already registered for Preview, but in case you are still debating here are six additional reasons why my friends think you should join the fun.

1. You will have the opportunity to win a VBS 2014 trivia contest. - Jerry Vogel

2. You will have the opportunity to meet me (Collin). - Collin Spindle

3. You might experience a Secret Service Mission act of kindness. - Carol Tomlinson

4. You will have a chance to get away with friends and laugh until your sides hurt. - Rhonda Van Cleave

5. You will receive fun free stuff. - Henry Dutton

6. You will get re-fueled and return home flying like Rocket Pack Jack! - Bill Emeott


Register today at lifeway.com/vbs/preview.


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