Seven Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward to VBS Preview

The following post was written by Mark Jones, Children's Pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Mark is a nationally recognized speaker and host of Mr. Mark's Classroom

I wasn’t sure there could ever be a better theme than an Amusement Park coupled with biblical content about facing fear and trusting God.  That was a homerun!  But then the call came last April.  I was invited to write the Decorating Made Easy Book for Agency D3.  When the theme was described to me, I got so excited for all the boys in my children’s ministry.  Girls like everything, but boys are picky.  Let me say, this theme will be a hit for both.  Here are seven reasons I’m looking forward to seeing you at the VBS preview.

1. The theme has a much different appearance than before.  The locations are all “inside” headquarters and I have ideas for making it look amazing and I think they will surprise you.

2. Boxes, silver spray paint, mailing tubes and aluminum foil are your friends! I’ll show you simple assembly steps to create the props.

3. Go and buy the clear shower curtain with the world map from Bed Bath and Beyond or with left over money in your budget this year. (Ha Ha- If you have some.)

4. I have created a silver case Investigation Kit that will only be seen at the event.  I am using this to enlist workers and give Top Secret information to my Special Agents beginning in February.

5. I will share the mistakes and time wasting goofs so you can avoid wasting your time.

6. All these props are loaded and shipped and will be on display for you to touch, take pictures, and ask questions so when you get home you’re more prepared for tackling the VBS decorations with ease.

7. You will be inspired!  Starting now is the best choice.  Hearing others’ ideas and taking pictures will make the work this spring so much easier.

I believe the most benefit you will receive is when you travel with your team of VBS friends.  The relationships grow deeper and the enthusiasm builds and your team can come up with more and better ideas than just struggling on your own.  Load everyone on the VBS party van and meet me at the VBS preview!  We are going to have a great time!  It will be a hoot!

I will unveil more ideas and photos at the last week of January.  Come see me!

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