VBS 2015 - Already?

VanCleave - new (1)What were you doing last week? Were you making plans for the holidays? We were working with writers and getting VBS 2015 rolling. Yes, I really mean 2015!! Long days, lots of coffee and chocolate, laughs, and some very serious hard work by God-gifted writers.

For the second year in a row we have returned to the “write onsite in a week” approach. It is an intense week, but having creative folks at your elbow to bounce ideas around is a huge blessing!

What now? Just like other super heroes, the writers have headed back to family, jobs, and teaching kids at their churches. They are back where people have no idea that the past week of their lives will impact hundreds of thousands with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

… but God knows.

And what will VBS 2015 be? Here are some sneak peeks. Wonder if there are any clues.

Is it a Lots o' Coffee theme?
Is it a Lots o' Coffee theme?
Or is it a Color My World theme?
Or is it a Color My World theme?
Whatever the theme is, rest assured it was covered with prayer, planning, and pondering.
Whatever the theme is, rest assured it was covered with prayer, planning, and pondering.




  1. Jennifer Barnett says

    Anticipating video clues for VBS 2015. Any idea when those will be available?
    Jennifer Barnett

  2. Patty says

    How about making a VBS called the Romans Road Trip - bassed on the salvation verses in Romans. The background could be a trip around sites in Rome, or around the USA. A van that goes to Mt Rushmore and the Grand Canyon and other spots might be fun.

  3. Maggie Duff says

    Hey, We're waitng for 2015, too! It was in e-mail, but, I opened it too late, and it would not allow me to
    access the info.

    And, how about a Paris, France or London theme VBS?

  4. Lynn McCarthy says

    I literally plan for an entire year .... Just finished d3 2 days ago and anxious to know theme for 2015 ASAP !!!! Hope it is more gender friendly for girls!!!

  5. Jonia Milburn says

    Good evening,

    I would like to know who is the person that I should speak to in regards to a future VBS theme?

    • Jerry Wooley says

      Jonia, feel free to suggest a potential theme here. You never know when it might rise to the top. We start from scratch each year and do not use ideas that someone has already worked out.

  6. Pat Williams says

    At our training session this May we were presented some very encouraging 'stats' relating to kids that came to know Christ through VBS. Also families that started going to church as a result of their kids involvement in VBS. I would love to present those to my church!! Any idea where I can find them.?

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