What a Little Editing Can Teach You

bethanyLast week as I finished up on 2014 work for my personal favorite in our VBS family, Backyard Kids Club®, I had the fun of sorting through the snow that was coating my office in the form of all the paper versions of Backyard Kids Club pieces.

Here were the edits of the Host Folder after it had art placed on it.

There was the very first version I printed out of the Directors Guide back when I was first trying to get my head around what it should look like next year.

When I got done sorting through all the papers and got them all in one place...this is what the stack now looks like.

When I got done sorting through all the papers and got them all in one place…this is what the stack now looks like.

You might think I’m kind of silly but I actually got nostalgic. There were layers and layers of edits, and I remembered something about where I was, both personally and spiritually, when those versions of each product were still in play.

I’ve come a long way.

God has taught me a lot, broken me a lot, healed me a lot in the months since I started editing Backyard Kids Club.

And BKC has come a long way from a shell of “this is how we did it last year,” to a shiny, smooth, “this is how we’re doing it next year,” and “this is what we need to remember for 2015.”

God is over this process, friends. He takes each of us on the VBS team through personal struggles that grow us personally and professionally, and He gives us eyes to continue reading, studying, and improving curriculum to His glory.

And He is with you today, in your joys, in your heartaches, in your failures, in your successes. He sees ahead to where you’ll be when it comes time to sit down and teach VBS 2014, and He knows the plans He has to use you for His glory, now, then, and long after that.

I was encouraged remembering that this week. I hope you are too.

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