Where in the World is Rocket Pack Jack?

brown2Hey guys. If you're like me, you still like to get what I call "fun mail". It's snail mail but not bills or junk mail just the cool stuff like handwritten notes from friends, cool postcards, magazines, etc...

This coming year, you might receive some fun mail from Rocket Pack Jack! Inside you'll find a "flat" Rocket Pack Jack along with the following informative note:

My name is Rocket Pack Jack. I’m traveling the country getting people excited about VBS 2014. Are you ready to join our special agents as we trace the facts back to who Jesus really is? 

Here’s how you can help us get others excited about discovering, deciding, and defending the truth about Jesus! 

• Take a picture with me and post it to facebook.com/lifewayvbs 

• Sign the back of me with your name and location. 

• Mail me to the next person you know that loves VBS! 

Have questions? My friends at LifeWay would love to help. Contact them at lifewayvbs@lifeway.com.   

There’ve been a couple sightings here in TN already!










RPJ lands in Andy Duke's office


Jack_Capital2RPJ flies over TN's State Capital - stopped long enough for a quick snap shot!

So if the package comes your way, take a couple creative shots of RPJ and send him on his way! Where in the world will RPJ land next?


  1. Ben Furr says

    This VBS Geek of the Week would love a visit from Rocket Pack Jack!! He would love the scenery here in the Carolinas! What a fun idea!!
    Thanks for all that you do for VBS!!

    Ben Furr

  2. Penny Reedy says

    Could there be more that one RPJ to go around? I love the idea of this! I would love to send it around my state convention!

  3. Nancy Meyers-Harvey says

    We would love to have RPJ make a stop in the midwest....specifically, Lenexa Baptist Church, Lenexa, KS! It would be fun to be able to post & tweet pictures of his visit here....and maybe email it to my "hoped for" VBS Leaders for Agency D3.

  4. Jamie Dykes says

    I would love to have RPJ visit us in Somerset, KY. It would be a great event not only for my church but for our community.

  5. Renee Parsons says

    I like this idea a lot, and will do it as soon as my big Jack is delivered...but I just received my jump start kit, and... What happens to Rocket Pack Jack in the movie?! Do they rescue him? Is there to be a webisode that resolves his capture???? My kids are going to want to know!!! And why did his enemy know him???? Does he know his dad... figuratively speaking? I like the whole hero, type of Christ thing, but he isn't Jesus, so the kids are going to want to know exactly what happened to him. Are you cliff hanging it to make him "return" in another VBS? I am also my associational director... I would really love a webisode that they have to go home and watch to find out what happens to him that packs a powerful evangelistic punch... but we have to be able to provide them with a link... hint... hint... hint....

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      Hi Renee,

      I love your excitement! It does end in somewhat of a cliff-hanger so each individual can use his or her imagination to decide what happens to Jack. I'll be sure to pass along your idea of a follow-up webisode. Happy VBS planning!

    • Jamie Dykes says


      I am on the same thought about RPJ and so I am going to introduce this as a adventure he "took." At the end of the week, Jack will have a story of how he got out. If you have any ideas for that storyline email pchtracker01@yahoo.com

  6. Penny Reedy says

    I wonder how Rocket Pack Jack would do in the cold? Although we have had many days of below zero temp here in Northern MN, we are excited and planning on our VBSs in the Northwoods and in MN/WI. We would love to have him visit Ely, MN.!!

  7. Joel Aplin says

    Great idea......a flat Jack! Hope he makes it to LaGrange, Ga and Unity Baptist Church. We're big fans and are concerned about his safety! Hurry with the rescue and happy ending.

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