Random Tip 1401 - The Official VBS Clock

wooley1 2013While planning for my first year (yes, VBS is a year-round event) of VBS at Park Place Baptist Church in Houston, I was introduced to the official - not to be taken for granted - VBS CLOCK!

There it was - round, off-white face, black rim -  like so many other clocks in the building. Just doing its best to stay relevant. There was nothing spectacular about this clock, yet it was very, very special! This clock had been designated by the VBS Director as THE OFFICIAL VBS CLOCK!

At first I thought it a silly idea and a little too bureaucratic for my taste.  Why bother? Every room was equipped with a clock, and the last time I noticed everyone who had volunteered so far typically wore a watch. What we were in desperate need of was more time, not more time keepers!

But then my friend and VBS Director, Dava Donaho, patiently explained that the time on every clock and watch was just a few seconds off from the next. Typically not a problem, but seconds turn into minutes, and when dealing with a schedule that was already too tight to allow for more than five minutes between each rotation, lost minutes could turn rotation into a disaster. The light came on and THE OFFICIAL VBS CLOCK made perfect sense!

During worker training the glory and importance of the official VBS clock was highlighted. Workers were reminded to make a daily check to be sure their watches and the clocks in the rooms matched the official time. THE OFFICIAL VBS CLOCK saved the day - or in this case the week! We were able to rotate 500 kids as easily and in the same amount of time as we could rotate 5.

As a well-known TV hostess might say, "The OFFICIAL VBS CLOCK - It's a good thing!"

Over the next few weeks I am going to use this space to share some of my favorite VBS tips. I'll just say up front that none of them will be original. For some of you the information will be new and for others just a reminder of what you already know and do. I have asked several friends to add their ideas, and now I'm inviting you to share your tips as well. Just hit reply and wow us with your VBS wisdom! By the way, if I haven't told you lately, I sure do appreciate what you do as you go about connecting people to the Gospel through the fantastic ministry of VBS!


  1. Wendy H says

    I purchased one of those atomic clocks for our hallway for just that reason. Plus I never have to change it when the time changes :)

  2. Nita Humphries says

    I have directed VBS for 50 years. Each year gets better and easier. There are so many helps that it makes my job much easier.
    There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a BIG bunch of children together playing, learning, and coming to know Jesus Christ
    as their personal Savior. I pray that God allows me to serve in VBS the rest of my time here on earth. VBS is easy to direct,
    teach or talk about if you love the Lord and CHILDREN. (yes, even the teachers and helpers)
    In His Light,
    Ms Nita

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