Foto Friday. . .What is It?

tyrrellAhh! I bet you thought I forgot our next assignment? Nope, I'm trying to keep you on  your toes! Here's your next Foto Friday assignment.


What do you think? Can you DISCOVER what it is? Can you DECIDE if it's a VBS item or am I trying to throw you a curveball? Will you DEFEND your choice?

Give me your best, craziest, funniest responses!


  1. Joyce Grimes says

    Looks like a hat, mittens & scarf. Maybe a disguise to get around for all the VBS Previews this winter and check out all the cool ideas incognito. Preparing for the snow at Ridgecrest & Nashville!

  2. Dawn says

    well it looks warm and fuzzy and snugly but itchy.. so a wool blanket with some sort of logo or stitching..but that would be a bit obvious for the photo department so lets see what else we can uncover...Kinds of like a tree skirt with a scarf and mittens so that makes no since. .. I can't imagine how that fits the VBS Theme, but then again i bet it does... Since VBS trainings are coming up i bet it is a blanket, a hat and a scarf to keep you warm while learning about the various days for missions during VBS...

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