Foto Friday. . . What is It? Revealed!

tyrrell"Candy sushi"

"hulk hands got carried away and squished some things together"

"Popcorn salad"

"fruit and puding mixed"

"something that was discovered growing in the evidence lab"

"The Hulk hands will be needed to make it!"

"fruit cake smash"

"cut up gummy bears"

"fur from the mad scientist's puppy assistant"

Oh you people have some great comments! I love how you all are deducing what it is! You all are GREAT AGENTS!

What is it? It's our "Sushi in Disquise!" This is a fun one to make! Rice Krispie Treats®, rolled fruit tape (Can you say Fruit Roll-ups®?! lol!), and jelly beans or gummy bears or worms. At times, agents need to go undercover or wear a disquise!

Stay tuned later today for your next assignment in . . ."What is it?"




sushi in disguise

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