Foto Friday...What is it? Revealed!

tyrrellIn last week's Foto Friday, I tried to stump you all! We had some good guesses. Thank you to Skipper, Christine, Karen, Joyce, Deborah, Susen, Brett, and Mary for your guesses. Several of you got it right! Hulk Keith SMASH!!! The Hulk hands are just one of the toys in my office, and I love toys!

Jeni had an extremely funny comment, "Allergic reaction to the snack of the day!" LOL!

Stay tuned later today for your next assignment in. . .  "What is it?".






    • Keith Tyrrell says

      Well....the geek in me would say that the Hulk is part of SHIELD which is a high-tech, covert organization (a spy agency). 😛

      Honestly, I was trying to throw you all! But you all are too good and can see through my tricks! Thank you for commenting, I enjoy reading ALL of them!

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