Continue the Connection in September

vancleaveIt’s almost the middle of September! Do you know where your kids are? Your VBS kids, that is. Kids are back from summer camps, vacations, and trips to Grandma’s house. They are back in school and into fall sports and, often, in a bit more of a routine. How can you continue the connection this month?

Even in the age of text messages and emails, most kids are still excited to get something in the mail. What if each kid received a “thinking of you” or “praying for you” note from you or someone at your church. It may take longer, but a handwritten note lets each kid know he is special. Before you think, “No way! I’m too busy for that!” think about some of these possibilities:

Purpose of the cards:

  • Just to say, “Hi!”
  • Praying for you.
  • Hope you are having a great school year.
  • Thinking of you.

Sources of help:

  • Check with Bible study classes or small groups. Ask them to do a few before they begin their class.
  • Enlist the help of retired folks or stay-at-home moms who might be willing to be a part of this ministry by writing a few during the week.
  • Enlist the older youth to take this on as a mission project for the month of September.

You provide:

  • Blank note cards and envelopes
  • Lists of addresses
  • Stamps or instructions about where to bring the completed note cards so you can mail them


  • Set a deadline for the cards to be mailed.
  • Think of something simple (like a coupon for an ice cream cone) to include with the note.

What are some great “Continue the Connections” that have worked for you? We’ll try to share one a month, so stay tuned!



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