Decorating for Bible Study

thomasHappy Monday! Let's celebrate with another decorating demo!

Today's decorating video features a sneak peek at the location for Bible Study at Agency D3—the Evidence Vault. And for all of you VBS DIYers out there, be sure to check out the technique demonstration around the 2 minute mark.




  1. Marsha Mason says

    I loved that sneak peek. I am going to go check Lifeway here in town and see if I can get a hold of one of the kits for this next year.

  2. Christine says

    I just tried it again and it ran so I could watch it all the way through! I am excited about the theme we don't have team kids this year not enough teachers so I don't think we will do vbs this year either. Keep us in prayer please I have been director last two years. Emmanuel baptist church.

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