VBS 2014 Tour Stop 3: Kids Evidence Kit

wooley1 2013Hands down, the coolest Agency D3 resource you will discover is the all new VBS 2014 Kids Evidence Kit which replaces the age-specific learner guides and activity paks for Grades 1 - 6.

With the Kids Evidence Kit (005545856) you will have a one-size-fits-all ordering experience! You read it correctly! The same Kids Evidence Kit is designed to be used by all kids in Grades 1 - 6. So instead of trying to figure out how many kids you will have in each age group, just estimate the total number of elementary-aged kids and you are ready to go.

The super fun Kids Evidence Kit contains all the gadgets necessary for the special agents attending your VBS. Each kit contains five (baseball card size) evidence cards complete with a summary of daily evidence on one side, plus additional clues on the other side that can only be uncovered using the exclusive D3 Decoder. Each evidence kit also contains a Special Agent ID Card, an Evidence Log, and the essential of all essentials - an Invisible Ink Pen and flashlight.

Kids of all ages have enjoyed writing secret messages with the Invisible Ink Pen. In fact, the big kids (adults) who have experimented with it so far have not wanted to give it up.

Kids will also have fun revealing their Special Agent ID each day as they enter the lab. It is the perfect size to conceal in a wallet or in a plastic name badge holder.

Possibly the best thing about the new Kids Evidence Kit is there was no price increase ($2.29) from the Daily Park Guides used this year for Colossal Coaster World.

So you are probably wondering how this one resource is age appropriate for all kids in Grades 1-6. The answer is the way the various items are used during Bible study sessions. Instructions for use are found in Leader Guides and each age group has assignments specific to that age.

Agency D3 is going to be one of the most fun Bible schools ever, but even more important is the terrific content that challenges kids, teens, and adults to not only discover who Jesus is but gives them the tools to defend their faith.

Next week, VBS 2014 Tour Stop 4: 6 Step VBS


    • vbsguy says

      The Kids Evidence Kit replaces the learner piece (sometimes called Learner Guide, Learner Pack, or as in 2013 Park Guide). Like Learner Guides, Kids Evidence Kit is designed as one per child.

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