Day 1: Is Jesus Really God's Son?

bethanyAs a VBS team, we wanted to share with you what the Biblical content in Agency D3 means to each of us. I’m honored to get to go first in this series.

And there came a voice from heaven: “This is My beloved Son. I take delight in Him!” (Matthew 3:17)

Not long ago I found out from my mom that when I finished high school, some adults I knew well were worried about what college might do to my faith. They told my mom they were afraid college might make me cynical about the things of God. They weren’t totally wrong.

My freshman year made me question much of what I knew about the reliability of Scripture, the truth of a Biblical worldview, and the traditional Christian view of sin.

Thankfully God put people in my life who helped me see the truth and not grow hard or cynical on these subjects. In fact I think it helped me be more firmly grounded in the truth because I had a chance to question these things for myself.

But the one thing I never struggled with, never questioned or feared is the fact that Jesus is God’s Son.

During high school, which I completed at a school in East Africa since my parents were missionaries, I attended boarding school. Learning to be on my own from my parents was very difficult, but at those moments when I thought the rug had been pulled from my feet and I was falling toward a deeper rock bottom, God was there. Always there.

The truth of who He is and what Jesus did for me so that I could have that relationship became very real during that time of my life. A favorite college professor who really helped ground me in my faith and Biblical worldview liked to ask, “Do you really believe what you really believe is really real?”

Do you?

Is the fact that Jesus is God’s son a vividly true fact for you that colors all the other knowledge you have about the Bible and the world? It is for me. The Bible says it, the disciples died for it, and I’ve seen it to be true in my own life. During seasons of joy and trouble both then and now.

And I’m so so excited to get to share these truths with kids in Agency D3.

Imagine kids who enter not just their colleges and their high schools, but even their elementary schools really believing that what they really believe about Jesus is really real.

They’ll be unstoppable!

I’m praying you’ll be reminded this week of the reality of who Christ is, what that means for where you stand before God, and that you’ll be encouraged to share that with your kids, not just during Agency D3, but all year round.

When was a time in your life when Christ’s identity was confirmed for you?

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