Foto Friday...What is it?

tyrrellHi everyone! How have you all been? Life at LifeWay has been busy. VBS 2014 production is quickly wrapping up.

In honor of Agency D3, I wanted to start a new feature for Foto Friday. I wanted to give you an extreme close-up of one of our snacks or a craft and see if you can guess what it is. Can you "Discover" what the item is? Is it a craft or snack, and what is it? Is it even one of those or something else? It's your job to "Decide" what it is and to "Defend" your choice. (see what I did? I sneaked the motto in there! LOL!).

Here's this week's "What is it?". I'll reveal the item next Friday and also give you a new one. Have fun!





  1. Ukulelegirl says

    Definitely a snack. I see sugar/frosting and the edges of a baked good...great, now I want something sweet! :)

  2. Joyce Grimes says

    Looks like a chocolate graham pie shell with vanilla, lemon or banana pudding with dollops of blue colored pudding on top (which yellow & blue make green). Cool to put a mystery cady like gummy bear on bottom to find as a treasure clue.

  3. Sue Carter says

    It is a craft, melted beads to make some kind of an object such as a windchime. (I have one hanging in my back yard)

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