Foto Friday–Door Decorating

carol-2We recently had a Door Decorating Contest for all of Kid's Ministry. Of course being a member of the VBS team, I had to do a shout out to VBS. As I was working on my door, I realized that I have served in or worked on every VBS except for Good News Stampede. That was a very humbling realization that God has allowed me to be a small part of such a great ministry. Some of my favorite memories of my kids are coming home from VBS with the VBS music blaring and them singing their hearts out in the backseat. With all that said, here's a picture of the finished project:


I used the I Heart VBS Stencils and chalk to add the theme title for my door. Then I created a "word cloud" for each theme at Tagxedo. If you look closely you can see that within the words there is an image related to the theme. The words I used were all related to the theme. Can you figure out what each theme is?

I had a lot of fun walking down memory lane as I made each theme. I truly do "heart" VBS!


  1. Joyce Grimes says

    That is so cool! I see my favorites! The songs start popping up in my head as I read each one. Good work!

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