Preparing NOW for Next Summer

maryKids are headed back to school, and I’m betting that you need a week off to decompress from the crazy schedule full of activities that you have been keeping the last couple of months. As you take a few deep breaths and enjoy a little bit of quiet, let’s talk about something really important: planning.

How do you get ready for all of the unbelievably fun things you do at VBS and even throughout each week with your church next summer?... By starting the planning process now!

Here are 5 tips to get you started on planning for 2014. After all, June 1st is only 298 days away!

  1. Begin praying NOW for the kids that will come to VBS next summer. Pray that they have a life-changing experience with Jesus during the week.
  2. Get to know new people in the church. Get to know their skills and passions, and help guide them to use those to serve during the summer.
  3. Take a good look at the decorations you already have and consider how you can repurpose them into gadgets for Agency D3.
  4. Start plotting out the summer calendar. When is your church taking the kids to camp? When is VBS? When is day camp? Consider shuffling events if there were lots of conflict with summer baseball, etc. Let parents know the summer calendar before Spring Break so they can plan their vacations accordingly.
  5. Challenge every person in your church to be involved in serving the children’s ministry in some way during the year, whether that be by painting sets one afternoon or teaching on a Sunday morning, equip people to love to serve. Help them find a way to serve that they will love and desire to continue.

What tips can you give us on preparing now for next summer to be the best one yet?

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