My VBS Experience

candace-1For the last several years, I have taught the preteens in VBX, but this year I had the opportunity to teach third grade. What a difference a few years make! Now, I love my preteens, but the third graders were so much fun. They are at a great age where they aren't afraid to ask questions and love to participate in every part of VBS. I had a great week getting to know a new group of kids and watching them make friends with the kids who were visiting. What I love best about teaching VBS is that you get to spend quality time with the kids you teach and see them use the different abilities they are gifted with. Some of the kids love making crafts or learning the motions to the songs, while other kids may shine during recreation games. We had a great week of learning about Paul and how to face our fears knowing that God is always there for us. I'm glad I had to face my fear and reach beyond my comfort zone to work with a different group of kids. They blessed me and taught me more than they will ever know!

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