Why Will Preschoolers Love Agency D3?


How many preschoolers in your church know how to swipe mom and dad's iPad until they find their game?
The weekend after we developed the content and theme for Agency D3 I visited my family. My sister-in-law arrived with her sweet 2 year old who was carrying iPad in hand (in a very stout protective case, of course... and I must say it was almost as big as he was). Shelby knew how to swipe to his favorite games or how to launch the movie he had been watching in the car, and he was only two! That moment, I knew that preschoolers of all ages were going to love Agency D3!

At VBS last summer, I was so impressed with the ability of the Babies-2s group to seek and find what I asked them to find and repeat back to me the truths that I taught. As preschoolers interact with sensory elements, discover Bible story pictures under water or shaving cream mats, and seek and find pictures and obejects at Agency D3, I know they will have an experience learning about Jesus that they will remember!

As a teacher, decorations with shiny surfaces, bright colors, and interactive screens will engage a preschooler. You could even create a sensory wall of shiny, sticky, carpeted, and textured surfaces to make your room high-tech and a ton of fun for kids! Be creative as balloons can become a wall of big buttons or gauges and a row of push lights become a monitoring gadget. Preschoolers are going to love interacting with the different decorations at Agency D3.

Not only will the theme connect, but the Bible content sets up a firm foundation for our preschoolers to build upon for the rest of their lives. As we discuss who Jesus is and what He did, preschoolers will learn the basics about why we want to love and follow Jesus. I am so excited about the activities and learning that is going to happen with our youngest agents at Agency D3!

What is the most exciting thing about Agency D3 to you? What do you think will be a preschooler's favorite part?

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