Perfect for Preschool

thomasMy friend, Lizzie, wants to be a spy when she grows up… as well as a rock star, nail artist, and a mom. At least that’s what she told her mom. So what is it that makes a preschooler think being a spy might be pretty awesome?

Maybe it’s the same thing that makes childhood staples like…


 … fun for preschoolers.

Exploration and discovery are two of the ways kids are wired to learn. Think about the last time you hid something in the room for preschoolers to find. Was it a huge hit with the kids? My kids always want to hide it over and over and over again. Searching for clues and making discoveries are natural parts of childhood. That’s why a special agent themed VBS is perfect for preschoolers!

Preschoolers will LOVE Agency D3 because it will give them opportunities for exploration and discovery every single day through…



What about the apologetic emphasis of Agency D3—how does that translate to preschoolers?

Quite well actually, since it’s all about Jesus! Every day preschoolers will uncover truths about Jesus that will help them discover who Jesus is. They’ll hear that Jesus is more than just a good man—He is actually God’s Son. That’s why Jesus could do things no one else could do. Because God loves all people, He had a plan for Jesus to die and live again. During VBS, kids will discover that they can remember and tell others about the things Jesus said and did. These foundational truths about Jesus form the building blocks for a child’s understanding and faith to grow.

I don’t know about you, but Lizzie and I already have our binoculars and magnifying glasses ready for Agency D3!


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