Colossal Crafts Tips

carol-2I recently received these awesome craft tips from one of our dedicated VBS craft leaders, Mary Elizabeth Castles.  I love how the VBS community helps each other out and passes along ideas that may save someone else time and money! If you haven't already conducted your VBS, check out these Colossal Tips.

Tip #1 for the Basket Toss on Day 2

Use applesauce cups instead of water bottles that are cut off. The applesauce cups work fine, fit on the stick, and if you can get people to eat the flavored kinds that come in little cups that look like  bushel baskets even better. We just had regular ones and the kids loved the game. We didn't use the masking tape on the sides I had the kids glue on a strip about 6" long of raffia that I had opened up. It was just the right width for the cups.

Tip #2 for the Fear Face Bookmark on Day 5
Use regular large colored paper clips ( pkg. of 80 at the Dollar Tree) and a pkg. of tiny rubber bands for hair (at Dollar Tree) to hold the yarn hair in place. Split a strip of clear scotch tape up the middle to put on to hold the tiny eyes. These were given to all of the staff attached to a bookmark of the books of the Bible. The staff loved it. (The strips of yarn for the hair were 3" long and it took 4 pieces per clip.)  They were so cute!

Thanks, Mary Elizabeth, for these super tips.

What tips or adaptations worked for you in your crafts rotation? We would love to hear them!


  1. Teri P. says

    I love the tips, but really wish that the VBS forum was available. The FB group only helped as far as seeing others' decorations. I really miss the discussions and tips on crafts, recreation, etc... Our VBS starts this evening and I feel I have really had to do this on my own without the help of the VBS community. I guess if there is no forum for VBS next year I may try to start my own.

    • Keyanne says

      I totally agree I have looked and looked for the forum. They always have so many good ideas, hints and suggestions.

      LIFEWAY Please bring it back!

    • Teri P. says

      I like the forum because there are individual forums for crafts, recreation, admin, etc. With FB the posts get lost and it is hard to find anything without looking through every post. I think people posted photos on the forum.

  2. Janice G says

    Last year was my first as the leader of the crafts rotation and the forum was a BIG help. I was so disappointed when I couldn't find it this year. Our VBS is the week of Aug 5 and I could really use some more craft ideas, especially for the older students.

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