Urgent Prayers for VBS in Taipei

Katie DeCilloMing Lai from Grace Baptist Church in Taipei, Taiwan, shared this information with us on Facebook, and we're passing it along in hopes that you will pray with us:

This week (7/8-13) is Grace Baptist Church, Taipei Taiwan's 8th VBS - We had 500+ children registered with 200+ volunteers. Today in our morning session, 105 kids came to know the Lord while in our afternoon session 80 kids stepped forward to know the Lord. What a wonderful time we have had so far.

We are coveting your prayers... a powerful typhoon (hurricane) is heading toward Taipei from the Pacific Ocean arriving by Friday July 12-13. Please pray that God will protect us and barring a typhoon alert that we can complete this year's VBS on July 13 for Family Day at Grace Baptist Church, Taipei, Taiwan. Thanks everyone for your prayers!



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