Daniel and Jarrod Jason Visit Germantown Baptist Church!

Katie DeCillo"Daniel" (Alec Taylor) and "Jarrod Jason" (Norman Harris) from the Colossal Coaster World video series recently made a visit to Germantown Baptist Church in Germantown, TN during their week of VBS!

Sandy Savage from Germantown said, "We had a blast and the kids were so surprised!"




  1. says

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a site or any where like there use to be about getting old, extra VBS things or donating them.... We are hoping to do the Colossal Coaster Next year, due to us being a year behind... We are a small church that helps 3 other churches, if you know of anyone or any where to help with this, I would greatly appreiciate it... thanks and God bless

    • Katie DeCillo says

      Tina, are you looking to donate material or have material donated to your church? Either way, our Facebook wall has become a great spot where folks have swapped materials. Post what you have or what you're in search of, and I bet you'll find able to find someone!

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