VBS 2015 Think Tank Geeks of the Week!

Katie DeCilloThis week, our VBS team has been working hard brainstorming ideas for VBS 2015 and we are super honored to have these VBS Geeks with us.

These four ladies were selected at our 2013 Preview events after they came dressed to the nines in Colossal Coaster World gear!

Debra Wolfrey, (Arizona) Lisa Moore, (Georiga) Tori Morris, (Kentucky) and Casey Whitworth, (Florida) are honorary Geeks of the Week!

Debra Wolfrey, (Arizona) Lisa Moore, (Georiga) Tori Morris, (Kentucky) and Casey Whitworth, (Florida) are honorary VBS Geeks of the Week during the week of VBS 2015 Think Tank!

 P.S. We wanted to let you know that today is Shaun Pillay’s birthday. Shaun is one of the missionaries featured in the Colossal Coaster World Missions Rotation. He and his wife are in Norwich, CT. 


  1. Lisa says

    I had a great time. Y’all were great hosts. I will never forget this experience. It was wonderful. Thanks again for inviting me VBS Team!

    • vbsguy says

      Lisa, we sure enjoyed having you on the team. Don’t you wish we could tell everyone the 2015 theme? Anticipation!

  2. says

    Does anyone have the list of “Bucket Toss Questions” for the Who is Paul game for Grade Level section?
    If so, please advise. Thanks!

  3. Katie says

    I just REALLY want to learn the motions for 2014! The theme is awesome and I’m the music teacher, so stoked right now! AGGGGG! How much longer do I have to wait?

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