2014 SNEAK PEEK: Agency D3 Sets

Katie DeCilloWe're cranking out next year's VBS even earlier than ever before. We've been listening to YOU-- our customers-- and know that you want as much time as possible to begin planning and working on VBS.

Even though you're still working on VBS 2013, we want to give you a chance to think ahead.  As you brainstorm VBS 2014, consider resources and props you may be able to save to transform them into something for your Agency headquarters.

Notice the corrugated table in the first shot?  You might recognize it from our 2013 Cotton Candy Cafe set!  Many of the "high tech" gadgets you see were created from things we found at thrift shops!

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS Set

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS Set

This week, we're shooting photos and video for our VBS 2014 catalog and promo videos.  If you're already excited about Agency D3, stay tuned for more sneak peeks!


  1. Bill MacCollum says

    Even though we are just about to have our VBS I am looking forward to helping other to seek the clues that they need to find direction in their life.
    God Bless

  2. says

    I am fired up for VBS this year as it starts on Monday. Looking forward to teaching and leading kids to Christ. When I saw next years theme, my first thoughts were Men In Black, Charlie's Angels and Mission Impossible. I have a spy shop close to me and I'm sure to be going there for ideas for next year. I only had a month to plan my decorations for this year as I volunteered at the last minute, but I still got everything ready for it. Now that I have a year to plan for next years vbs, the wheels are already turning with ideas. I will be posting photos of this year on my facebook. And the ideas I come up with for next year will be posted as I think of them and will post what I decide to nix from my ideas as well.

  3. says

    I can't wait just looking for ideas to get started so I am not rushing a whole bunch of decorations into one week. Looking forward to more ideas

  4. RoDonna says

    This is my first year as VBS director at my church. I'm having fun finding things to go with next year. My children saw the previews and loved it!

    • vbsguy says

      Frank, LifeWay has been producing VBS resources for special needs children and adults for years. We call our special needs resource Special Friends and one leader guide contains teaching plans for both children and adults. As a part of the Agency D3 family of resources Special Friends will follow the same Bible lessons and use the same music. The Special Friends leader guide will be available in December.

  5. mintina says

    What does LifeWay do with the decorations from the sneak previews? Is it possible to purchase or for LifeWay to donate to our church for vbs this summer?

    • Lindsay Curtis says

      We use them throughout the year for multiple events and then repurpose many of the items for the next year!

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