2014 Theme Photo Clues Revealed + Giveaway Winner Announced!

Katie DeCilloSpecial Agent DeCillo here!  Wasn't that a fun theme release!?

I suppose it's about time I revealed what was going on with all those photo clues.  I know some of you thought they were super hard!  They WERE a little sneaky, that's for sure!  But some of you caught on!

We had lots of guesses for a discovery theme...you were on our trail!


122427668This photo clue of a message in a bottle was an ode to the secret messages of Agency D3 and hinted toward Discovery!

photo clue 2Photo clue #2 is a close-up and pixelated shot of a prop from the Agency D3 set -- it looks high-tech, just like the set!

photo clue 3

Photo Clue #3 was TRICKY!  Many of you were thrown off by the plug and didn't notice the shape it makes... a question mark!  Alluding to the CLUES of Agency D3!

photo clue 4Photo Clue #4... they only got tougher!  This photo is a small portion of some artwork for Agency D3, including the secondary logo.  I chose that portion because I thought you might be thrown off by the shapes and colors.  And you were!


You're going to LOVE the artwork for Agency D3, I can tell you that!!

photo clue 5 Photo Clue #5 was probably the hardest of all the photo clues!  It's a snippet of another piece art that includes top-secret file boxes... and the photo clue is upside down!  Looks like a building, doesn't it?

That was a wild ride!  Maybe next year I'll make them a little easier?  For more info on Agency D3, check out http://lifeway.com/vbs2014

OH!  And how could I forget?  Be sure to congratulate the winner* of our VBS 2014 giveaway!  We had so many excellent guesses!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Winner was selected at random, and was not chosen based on their guess.


    • vbsguy says

      Deborah, I regret that Club VBS will no longer be offered. Don't want to keep you in suspense but I think you might hear about something in August you like. That's all I can say for now. Oh my, I may have just released the first Impossible Clue!

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