Ready to Give Up? Clue Number Six

wooley1 2013So what do you think about the information you have discovered so far? We know what the theme is not -  polar bears, cars, or pancakes. So let's start with the information we have so far - a guitar man, a gorilla on a motor cycle that just happens to be a good basketball player as well, and a game of multiple choice. Easy to weave together isn't it?

I'm thinking some of you have already figured out the theme and are just waiting for today's clue in order to defend your suspicions.

Hmmmm, suspicions, the plural of suspicion, which just happens to mean a feeling that something is true. Could that be a clue? Possibly. Likely. But not necessarily.  But don't forget, the details are everything, the details are everything, the details are everything, so in reality every word COULD be a clue. So, that is just something you will have to decide for yourself.

Don't forget to check Facebook today... you might just discover something else that's handy.

Ready or not, here is CLUE NUMBER SIX: Give Up Dorthy!

Clue #6 Cyper-Web from LifeWay VBS on Vimeo.

By the way, more churches will begin VBS tomorrow than any other day of the summer. Take a moment today to pray for the unchurched families attending VBS this year. Pray that we will not miss a single opportunity to build bridges to the spiritual orphans God puts in our paths this summer.
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  1. Dawn Griggs says

    3-D I spy Medieval theme ... Searching for good in the
    midst of bad or conflict. Lessons on Jonah, Daniel, Saul, John
    & Paul.

  2. Holly Cole says

    Positive now the verse is 1 Peter 3:15 160-0315 - 1 for
    1st, Peter is the 60th book in the bible, chapter 3, verse 15.
    Multiple destinations and time periods keep showing up in all the
    clues as well as games, technology, video games. Travelling in a
    ship could be your vehicle via a video game and each level of the
    game is a different time period / place with different characters
    until we get to the last level, heaven and reveal Jesus!

  3. Sarah Payne says

    A past, present, future theme in 3-D. If you look at all
    clues in order there are a lot of past events, future events, and
    some present events. And like every clue has something to do with
    3-D in the the clue.

  4. Tammy Bass says

    Maybe Geece is a Country too....Grains of Wheat & Dorthy is a Greek name meaning GIFT OF GOD.

  5. Beverly SMith says

    pirate ship traveling to different parts of the world looking for the true treasure, JESUS!

  6. Karen says

    Im thinking Holly Cole is onto something. I keep thinking about traveling to different places and different times via video game type scenarios. I have to say that the gorilla playing basketball in the desert/west a few clues ago has me the most curious though. It has to be a clue - cant wait to see....

  7. Kimberly says

    I think the theme is going to be Defending the Faith. It will have castles and ties to Ireland. Several references to Irish items were in the clues: music, castles, etc. the music may even have an Irish sound. The verse seems to be 1 Peter 3:15. Lots of references to defense and the clock in the first clue showed 3:15.

  8. Alison says

    Music (guitar man), motorcycles (gorilla riding one), sports (gorilla playing bb) and multiple choices make me think we are still seeking truth in the many things we do each day. Clue 6 has me stumped.

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