Three Times a Charm - Impossible Clue #3

wooley1 2013How about a quick game of charades? OK, ready?

My head is slowly bobbing up and down. My arms are flapping wildly in the air while my upper body is leaning forward. My left foot is on the ground while my right foot is bent backwards and pointing towards the sky.

What am I? Figured it out?

Sure! You got it! Besides being a little off balanced, I'm a homing pigeon bringing you CLUE NUMBER THREE.

Now that was fun! Who knew Melita was so expressive. I want her on my team the next time we play office charades.

By now you have three video clues plus the great photo clues Katie has given you. You should be well on your way to discovering LifeWay's theme for VBS 2014. I promise you are going to love it!

While I can't reveal too much until Monday, June 3, 1:00 PM (CST), I can tell you that the Biblical content is awesome - and every day is going to be evangelism at its best!  Believe me when I say that during VBS 2014, kids of every age (which includes teens and adults) are going to be challenged to take their relationship with Jesus Christ far deeper than most have ever been challenged before.

See you tomorrow for Impossible Clue Number Four!  (And don't forget to check back at 2 PM CST for another photo clue from Katie!)

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    • vbsguy says

      Loving the motor cross idea. Not sure which clue detail sent you in this direction, but that is the fun of the game. What one person sees someone else totally misses! Sure excited about the reveal Monday. Don't miss it!

  1. Donna says

    I thought some sort of time trave through history. (These clues are too complicated for my simple mind)

  2. Jim Gantenbein says

    It's about cruising through the Bible to discover springs of living water guarded by mute pirates.

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