VBS 2014 Theme Release - Photo Clue #1

Katie DeCilloAfter that Impossible Clue this morning, you've totally got the VBS 2014 Theme figured out, right?  If not, we're sure this will help you figure it out!

Each day between now and June 3rd, we'll release a photo clue at 2 PM CST right here on the blog and on our Facebook page.

If you missed the first Impossible Clue, be sure to go back and watch it! Don't forget that we reveal the 2014 theme on Monday, June 3 at 1 PM CST.



  1. Jim Gantenbein says

    Looks interesting! One clue isn't quite enough but, based on just that picture, we're thinking something like "Treasure Island" (or perhaps a castaway or shipwrecked them).
    But that cork is in pretty good shape for having survived days on the open sea.

  2. Caleb Hamill says

    Something about this picture reminds me of a song by The Police. Oh yeah, "Message In A Bottle."

  3. Pam Elkins says

    Those are really good guesses. I like the Red Herring idea. Maybe its a Castaway Island theme. But that would be too easy. Is it an under the sea in 3-D concept?

  4. Patricia Riley says

    A theme that focuses on the "kingdom of heaven" which ties back to the castle clue. The bottle with the message inside may illustrate the message from God that was given to us through His Son.

  5. Carol A Gilmore says

    A sailing ship them around the world with Jesus as the Wind they keeps us sailing, perhaps finding clues in bottles at each port.

  6. Patricia P Perry says

    I agree with all the above comments. I still think it has something to do with a kingdom. I agree that the focus is on the "Kingdom of heaven". My guess is goind to be the kingdom of heaven.

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