And the Fun Begins! Clue Numero Uno

wooley1 2013Welcome to today! A day many of us - and hopefully you - wait for all year. The day we start playing a simple little game we like to call IMPOSSIBLE CLUES!

Starting today and continuing through the day we release the VBS 2014 theme (which just happens to be Monday, June 3) I will be posting clues that seem to make no sense whatsoever, but...well, let me just say the details are everything.

You will also want to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter where our friend Katie will be releasing additional clues - just as impossible - but again, details are everything. So grab a pencil and notepad and join the fun.

Think you've figured it out?  Place your guess (silly or serious) for the LifeWay VBS 2014 theme below for your chance to win $3000 worth of LifeWay VBS 2014 material!  Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced during the theme release on Monday, June 3 at 1 PM CST.  Enter your guess into Rafflecopter and then share it in the comments section* of this post for others to see!

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Oh, by the way, we would love for you to join the fun by sharing your thoughts both here and on Facebook.

See you tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. (CST) for Impossible Clue Number Two!

*Guesses need only be placed in the Rafflecopter to be eligible to win, but it's much more fun when others can see your guess, so please share it in the comments section, as well! 




  1. Terri Durham says

    Well, gotta start somewhere, so I'm going south of the boarder to Mexico. A Mexican fiesta with mariachis is my guess. The "número UNO" and guitar are what led me that way. But I know that's WAY to obvious to be right.

  2. Tammy says

    It had a castle, but that is too obvious. It was also cartoony.
    Something to do with string?...(guitar strings)

  3. Tammy says

    The clock says 3.15...hmm, could be the Bible referance!
    He had 3D glasses on. 3D is popular right now, but dont know what theme it would go with.

  4. janet wells says

    How fun! Sure hope to win! I was sure it was going to be about car driving, pancake eating bears but since that's not it, maybe it is about sky diving turtles who like to eat chocolate cake?????

  5. says

    The number that is central throughout the video is three (3D glasses, three clues, three strums on guitar, 3:15 stuck on the castle clock).I'm sensing a pattern...

  6. Caleb Hamill says

    I think it will be a time travel theme. 3D glasses remind me of futuristic things. One of the clues was a clock in the background at 3:15. He's in the Medieval Times. I think the guitar is either irrelevant or has to do with the specific NAME of VBS. But to go with the clock, verse 3:15 of Ecclesiastes says: "Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account. (Ecclesiastes 3:15 NIV)" Time Travel.

  7. Melba Strickland says

    Determined Disciples Discovering the truth about the sacred scriptures that give instructions for salvation. 2 Timothy 3:15. Castle times theme.

  8. Kathie Sickler says

    There are so much to guess choose and pick from could be something to do with Daniel , knights of the round table but like I said so much is turning in my head

  9. Tammy W says

    Classic Family Board/Card Games...Uno, Monopoly, Clue, etc.

    This is always such fun...can hardly wait for the next clue and especially for the reveal on Monday.

  10. April B says

    So, if the castle is Royal and the message in the bottle is an SOS... it must be a Royal shipwreck.

  11. V s green says

    Guitar man and message in a bottle are songs. Guitar man is from a German band. Message in a bottle is by the police. Maybe something to do with England and Germany????

  12. Jamie Bush says

    I think it is Fairy Tale, Knights and Castles, something imaginary,
    3D or a deserted island theme, with the note in a bottle clue.
    Fun guessing!!!

  13. Kent says

    Does is have to do with Noah? The animals, the "rainbow balloon" the water flooding down the falls???? Just thinkin?

  14. says

    After seeing a lot of clues, I believe the title has three words starting with D and the subtitle involves a wierd Gorilla and video games. Some have suggested Ireland as well. My guess, Donkey Kong, Dublin, and Discipleship. (Its as good as anything else I've seen!!)

  15. Jenny Auld says

    This one is hard, at first I thought 3 D, but now not sure. It seems 3 plays into it somehow! I do think castles or the idea of Ireland could be as well looking forward to the announcement!

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