2014 Theme Reveal Contest

Katie DeCilloThink you figured out LifeWay's VBS 2014 theme?  Be part of the 2014 LifeWay VBS theme reveal!  Starting May 28th, leave us a guess to be entered to win VBS 2014 for your church! Place your guess-- serious or silly-- below for your chance to win VBS 2014 for your whole church!

When?  12 AM CST May 28 - 12:30 PM CST June 3

How?  May 28th through June 2nd, we'll release a new Impossible Clue right here on the blog.  Try to solve the clues and place your guess before 12:30 PM on Monday, June 3rd.  Winner will be chosen at random.

Then what?  Be sure to catch the 2014 theme reveal* Monday, June 3rd at 1 PM CST. Make sure you bookmark this link-- you can join us live to be one of the first to hear what next year's theme is! lifeway.com/vbsthemerelease

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*Winner need not be present to win and will be notified via email.  See terms & conditions for more info. 


  1. Kyna Schadler says

    My husband and I work 3 Vacation Bible School's a year. This is our favorite time of year and love ministering to God's little children. My husband does video for 2 of the churches that we help with. Every year is getting better and better. My favorite theme so far has been Saddle Ridge Ranch, being from Texas that was right up our alleys.

  2. Nancy Mavrick says

    I agree...Saddleback Ranch was a great theme. Fun to decorate for and loads of fun for the kids. Many of our teachers have said they really enjoyed that one. Hope to see a similar one sometime soon.

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